• St. Julian`s

St. Julian’s is well-known as one of Malta’s most vibrant locations, both during the day and night. Situated along the coast north of Valletta, this area attracts thousands of tourists annually and is a haven for business, retail, wining and dining and nightlife.

St. Julian’s is divided into four main districts and was a quiet fishing town until the early twentieth century. In the 1920s and 30s a prominent developer built up the area with some seaside residences in the ‘il-Qaliet’ area, originally rented out by British servicemen stationed nearby. Between the two world wars locals moved into this area too, and in the 1960s the area was once again trasnformed into a tourist hub with the building of two five-star hotels in the area. One of them, the Hilton, still stands here today.

Since then, the locality has blossomed into an area of beautiful promenades, splendid and diverse hotels and accommodation, language schools, shopping malls, nightclubs and more. Popular with the younger tourists in particular is Paceville, a rich concentration of bars, pubs and clubs all located within walking distance of one another.

The area’s rich rocky and sandy beaches and coastal walks attract the locals too, and St. Julian’s is proud to share its hospitality with tourists.