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Inlingua School of Languages

Knowledge. Reputation. Experience. Quality. These are the reasons why every year, students from all over the world choose an Inlingua centre. Inlingua is proud to be one of the leading language school in Malta, forming a part of the global network of Inlingua international we believe the fundamental values of our school and our service, are what sets us apart from the rest of English schools here in Malta.

Communication is the key to success for any aspect of life. A common language is the foundation of good communication and Inlingua’s international slogan, crossing language barriers, conveys perfectly what Inlingua sets out to do. Our aim is to teach languages to the world so that we have a common language with which we can share our lives and our laughter with the citizens of the world. 

Crossing language barriers – bringing the world together. 

At Inlingua Malta, we don’t just teach English, we teach English the Inlingua way. Our course books, our language learning resources and the Inlingua method of teaching all contribute towards effective and successful language training. The Inlingua method follows basic principles which focus on using the language rather than reading about it, and we are confident that our approach works because Inlingua has over 40 years experience in providing successful language training to people from all over the world, making Inlingua stand out from the rest of language schools in Malta.

Inlingua Malta has 30 years experience in teaching English as a foreign language and we understand that learning a new language can be intimidating for some people. Having to start from scratch like a child learning to speak for the first time might prevent you from making that first step on to the journey of language learning.

All our trainers are fully certified with many years of experience and they understand the challenges that students face in the classroom. When you study English with us you will see that learning a new language can be fun and stimulating.

Our trainers will guide you through the whole process, helping you take on this new challenge and before you know it, you will be speaking English easily and confidently because we really do make it that simple!

Choose Inlingua Malta for your language course and get it right the first time. From your very first day, you will communicate in English and immediately you will begin to improve and feel more confident with your skills. In class, our trainers guide you to produce sentences that are correct both grammatically and thematically, and soon, speaking English will come to you naturally. As you gain experience you will make less mistakes and learn faster.

So choose Inlingua for your language courses and learn English in Malta our way. You’ll get it right both times!