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Institute of English Language Studies (Iels)

IELS is one of the largest English language schools in Malta. We understand that travelling abroad to learn English is an important life experience and we are committed to make it a great one!

Our language school offers the ideal environment for learning English in Malta, combining high academic standards with a dynamic, friendly atmosphere.

Our English courses have been designed with your needs in mind, with contemporary teaching methods, personal attention and professional dedication. Our language school also offer an exciting leisure programme and make the most out of our island's sun, sea and culture while you are learning English outside the classroom.

The English courses at IELS Malta are designed to help you achieve your goals. We offer a flexible range of courses to meet your personal aims, regardless of your age, nationality and why you are learning English. 

Our very popular General English courses are perfect for you to improve your language abilities overall, and are ideal for those students who need an English course for educational, personal or travel reasons. You can also take an Intensive English course if you want to learn more in less time.

IELS also offers Business English courses to help you invest in your professional development and career prospects. In the Business Courses you interact and work with other professional people with similar goals and language aims. You can also take private lessons to focus on your particular field or profession.